Online Territories: Globalization, Mediated Practice and Social Space

I am pleased to announce the publication of Online Territories: Globalization, Mediated Practice and Social Space (edited by Miyase Christensen, André Jansson & Christian Christensen; Afterword by David Morley), published by Peter Lang (New York).

Online Territories

‘Online Territories’ shows subtly and with great theoretical skill how human relationships and activities online are integrated into a great variety of social spaces, shaping them but surely also being shaped by them. It takes us much beyond airy utopian claims, and away from customary Eurocentrisms. I hope this book will be widely read across many disciplines in the human sciences, as these make themselves at home in the twenty-first century.

— Ulf Hannerz, Author of ‘Transnational Connections and Anthropology’s World’

This anthology explores the meaning of territorial place in a lifeworld that increasingly intertwines the online with the offline. Grounded in both classical and contemporary theoretical perspectives, this book provides a rich panorama of explorations illustrated with empirical studies, helping us understand some of the societal dimensions of new media. Highly recommended for both the enquiring student and reflective scholar.

— Nicholas W. Jankowski, Co-editor of ‘New Media & Society’


About chrchristensen
Christian Christensen is Professor of Journalism at Stockholm University, Sweden.

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