Workshop on Digital Media and Political Change: “The Arab Spring”

Date & Time : Monday,  September 12, 2011 (10:00-­‐13:00)

Location: Ekonomikum, Room A138 (Kyrkogårdsgatan 10, Uppsala, Sweden)

Ben Ali ruled Tunisia for 20 years, Mubarak reigned in Egypt for 30 years, and Gaddafi held Libya in a tight grip for over 40 years. Yet their bravest challengers were 20- and 30-year-olds without ideological baggage, violent intentions or clear leaders. The groups that initiated and sustained protests have few meaningful experiences with public deliberation or voting, and little experience with successful protesting. However, these young activists are politically disciplined, pragmatic and collaborative. Where do young people who grow up in entrenched authoritarian regimes learn about public life and get political aspirations? Internet, mobile phones, and social networking applications have transformed politics across North Africa and the Middle East. In this workshop on digital media and the organization of social change in the Arab Spring, we examine various dimensions of emerging information infrastructure in North Africa and the Middle East.


Lance Bennett (University of Washington & Stockholm University) & Alexandra Segerberg (Stockholm University) – The Logic of Connective Action

Gail Ramsay (Uppsala University & Stockholm University) & Kristina Riegert (Stockholm University) – Activists, Individualists and Comics: The Counter-Publicness of Lebanese Blogs

Christian Christensen (Uppsala University) – Visions of Technology and Liberation: State Aid to Net Activists in a Era of “Twitter Revolutions”

Muzammil M. Hussain (University of Washington) & Philip N. Howard (University of Washington) – Al Jazeera and Citizen Journalists: The Intersection of Broadcast and Social Networks in the Arab Spring


Christian Fuchs (Uppsala University, SE)
Organized by
Department of Informatics and Media, Media and Communication Studies

Contact for information about the event

Prof. Christian Fuchs

Phone 018 471 1019

Prof. Christian Christensen

Phone 018 471 1027


About chrchristensen
Christian Christensen is Professor of Journalism at Stockholm University, Sweden.

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