Research Grant from Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research

I am pleased to announce that the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (FAS) has awarded 2.7 million Skr  (€300,000/$425,000) in support of our project, The Social Journalist: News Work and News Organizations in an Age of Networked Sociality. The project, based at the Department of Informatics and Media Uppsala University, involving Professor Christian Christensen (Uppsala), Professor Monika Djerf-Pierre (Gothenburg University) and Professor Miyase Christensen (Karlstad University), will run from 2012 through 2014.

Project Abstract: The explosive spread of “social media” such as blogs, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook has been well-documented in popular media and academia. To date, most research has come in the form of broad, general surveys on who is using social networking sites, and what is being produced. Few studies have addressed the motivations behind the use of social media within specific work/organizational settings, and the broader professional, organizational implications of such use. This lack of concrete data has led to a great deal of theorizing about the social media and social networking phenomena that is not backed up by empirical support. The nature of social networking sites, as places where both professional products and personal information are freely and openly shared, creates new opportunities for professional networking, as well as new possibilities for the surveillance of employees and employers. The proposed project will be a study into news/journalistic work, journalism as a profession and the role of journalism in contemporary society, and the relationship between social media/social networking, individual agency and social capital , thus allowing for a re-theorization of news work and media organizations.


About chrchristensen
Christian Christensen is Professor of Journalism at Stockholm University, Sweden.

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