Ticket to Internetdagarna for UU grad student

I will be participating in a panel at the upcoming Internetdagarna conference in Stockholm October 23 & 24. As a speaker I am allowed to take one guest with me: a guest who is given a free two-day conference  pass. The ordinary price of this pass is 5400kr, so this is a valuable ticket. I would therefore like to ask that any MA or Ph.D. student at Uppsala University who wishes to attend the conference send me an email indicating (1) their name, (2) department, (3) level (MA/PhD), and (4) why you would be interested in attending (and how it would help your research). I will consider any and all disciplines. I would like to note that the vast majority of the conference will be held in Swedish, so knowledge of Swedish is a big plus (and will make the tickets more valuable to you). I would also ask that you make sure that you are actually able to attend! I wouldn’t want to give the ticket to anyone who can only go to 1 or 2 sessions.

I will read through the applications and assign the ticket to the student I feel will benefit the most from attending.

Send your information to (christian.christensen@im.uu.se) by no later than the end of the day, Sunday, October 14. The person given the ticket will be contacted on Monday, October 15.


About chrchristensen
Christian Christensen is Professor of Journalism at Stockholm University, Sweden.

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