Links to Collected Writings on WikiLeaks (Updated)

I have written some pieces over the past few years on WikiLeaks, Manning, Assange and related topics. Below is a list (most recent first), with links to each:

Five Years On, the WikiLeaks Collateral Murder Video Matters More Than Ever (Opinion Piece, CommonDreams, April 2015)

A Decade of WikiLeaks: So What? International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics, 2014, 10(3): 273-284. (Note: this is a pre-print version, and not the final version.)

WikiLeaks: From Popular Culture to Political Economy (Editor: Christian Christensen; collection of 16 essays by leading academics on WikiLeaks.) (e-book published by USC Annenberg Press, November 2014)

WikiLeaks and the Afterlife of Collateral Murder (International Journal of Communication, October 2014)

WikiLeaks, Transparency and Privacy: A Discussion with Birgitta Jónsdóttir (International Journal of Communication, October 2014)

WikiLeaks: From Popular Culture to Political Economy (International Journal of Communication, Intro to Special Issue, October 2014)

WikiLeaks and Indirect Media Reform ( – Draft of 2015 book chapter, Uploaded October 2014)

Julian Assange Not Freed: 5 Issues to Consider (Opinion piece, CommonDreams, July 2014)

Collateral Murder and the After-Life of Activist Imagery ( (April 2014)

WikiLeaks and the Personality Trope ( (March 2014)

WikiLeaks and Anonymous respond to status quo journalism (Opinion piece, Al Jazeera English) (July 2013)

Hacking & Whistleblowing: The New Crack Cocaine of Activism (blog, later published in Le Monde Diplomatique & Counterpunch) (February 2013)

Covering Assange: We Have Taken our Eyes Off the Prize (British Journalism Review, blog & print version) (September 2012)

WikiLeaks vs. Sweden (blog post) (May 2012)

WikiLeaks, Assange & Feminism: Base and Superstructure (blog post) (May 2012)

WikiLeaks Supporters: Thinking Right? (blog post) (May 2012)

WikiLeaks and Celebrating the Power of Mainstream Media (Global Media Journal – Australian Edition) (2011)

WikiLeaks: Losing Suburbia (Le Monde Diplomatique) (September 2011)

WikiLeaks: Three Digital Myths (Le Monde Diplomatique) (August 2010)


About chrchristensen
Christian Christensen is Professor of Journalism at Stockholm University, Sweden.

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